Get to know Zakiya

Hometown Ventura, CA
Height 4'10"
Measurements 32-27-35
Model Mayhem model mayhem


How long have you been modeling?

A few years

What sort of work do you do besides modeling?


What's your favorite part of your body?


What turns you off?

Bad hygiene, bad manners

What turns you on?

Intelligence, good sense of humor, outgoing personality, cute face

What is your favorite thing to wear?

Form fitting capri pants, cute shirt and flip flops

Favorite restaurant or bar or club?

On the border, Bullfrogz, Primal

What would be your ideal date night?

It would start out at a private rooftop restaurant surrounded by candles and white Christmas lights. Great food and conversation. After, a walk on the beach at night. And for the cherry on top, a movie and relaxing on the couch.

Do you have any goals?

Yes. I would like to finish my psychology degree so that I can work with bullied and psychologically damaged middle and high schoolers. I am also working on getting signed so I can begin the next stage in my acting career.

Where else can we see you besides this site and your site? 

Bit parts or cameos in movies and TV shows.

What was your first job?

Working at Old Navy

Favorite type of music?

Rock, R&B, Jazz, and smooth easy listening

Favorite meal:

fried calamari with marinera sauce, fettucine Alfredo, sizzling apple pie with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce

Junk food weakness:

sour cream and cheddar chips with sour cream

Favorite sport to play:


Favorite time of year and why:

spring because the weather is warm, the flowers are blooming and its beautiful outside. I love spring at the beach.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

 pay my tithe at church, pay off all bills, buy a house car and vacation home, build a massive no kill shelter, give to charities and set up a few of my own, and set money aside for family and the future.

What's something unique about you most people don't know?

A woman keeps a lot of secrets.

I've always wanted to:


Describe your personal style:

I like to find things that are beautiful and unique that no one else will be walking around in.

Words to live by/favorite quote:

If being sane means having to be normal, I'd rather be f---ing mental

My best and worst habits are:

Best: speaking my mind Worst: swearing

My ideal vacation is:

Beach during summer drinking margaritas and eating amazing Mexican food

Any Nicknames?:

Z, Shorty, Tinkerbell

What makes me unique:

my firecracker personality and my petite stature

One Thing Most People Would Be Surprised to Know About Me:

I'm still a virgin

Five Words That Describe Me:

charming, witty, outgoing, compassionate, insightful