Get to Know Rowan

Hometown Athens, GA  
Height 5'7"
Measurements 32, 25, 35
Facebook facebook
Model Mayhem model mayhem


How long have you been modeling?

5-6 years  

What sort of work do you do besides modeling?

I work at podiatrists office and as a shooter girl and a club  

What's your favorite part of your body?

my legs  

What turns you off?

cocky ignorant people  

What turns you on?

intelligence and a sense of humor  

What is your favorite thing to wear?

jeans, tee shirt and my leather jacket  

Favorite restaurant or bar or club?


What would be your ideal date night?

going out to dinner then to a comedy show  

Do you have any goals?

eventually going to grad school  

Where else can we see you besides this site and your site?

explore talent  

What was your first job?

working for southeastern archeological services  

Favorite type of music?

rock and old school punk  

Favorite meal:

arroz con pollo  

Junk food weakness:


Favorite sport to play:


Favorite time of year and why:

summer because it is always warm and perfect for the beach  

What would you do if you won the lottery?

buy a town-home with a big yard and focus more on modeling after I pay off my student loans  

What's something unique about you most people don't know?

i love interior design  

I've always wanted to:

travel around Europe  

Describe your personal style:

laid back preppy punk  

Words to live by/favorite quote:

"it is not death that man should fear but never beginning to live."  

My best and worst habits are:

worst is that i leave my clothes everywhere around my apartment  

My ideal vacation is:

a weekend at the beach  

Any Nicknames?:


What makes me unique:

Im a huge nerd and can quote most of the james bond movies  

One Thing Most People Would Be Surprised to Know About Me:

That i am terrified of heights  

Five Words That Describe Me:

Fun, Relaxed, Tattooed, Spunky, Smart