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How is this different than a workshop or a shootout?

Photography Fantasy Camp is actually a mixture of a photo workshop and a model shootout

Typically a workshop focuses more on camera and light settings, techniques, editing and maybe even sales.  The instructor does most of the work while the students watch and then get some time to shoot when it's over.

A shootout often has a lot of random photographers and a couple models where everyone takes turns photographing with very little instruction or guidance.

Our 4-hour events offers a good deal of training when it comes to camera settings, lighting, posing, choosing the best images and editing and the students do get camera time as well.  This is more like a workshop.

Whereas, our 2-hour events are more casual and don't get too technical with camera settings and so forth. It's more like a "shootout" where there are photographers who photograph models with less instruction and more photo taking.  However, there is always guidance in how to pose the model, adjusting the lights to get the style you want, etc.  Plus, you get to choose which model(s) what wardrobe she or he wears..