What has stopped your fantasy of photographing beautiful models?
  • No experience?
  • No models?
  • No equipment?
  • No shooting space?
  • No nerve?

We can fix every one of those for you!

Photography Fantasy Camp offers the experience of the life of a model photographer.  Whether you have ever used a camera or not, we will be there to train and guide you through the process of getting those hot shots that you see in magazines such as Maxim and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

2-Hour Beginner

Photo Shootout

4-Hour Magazine Shoot Workshop

If you have little to no real experience with a camera, this one is for you.  This fun session is perfect for a mini party with a small group of friends.  You pick the models, we set up the lights and cameras, point you in the right direction and you have fun snapping away with pro guidance. 
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In this crash course workshop you will learn how to use a camera in a studio with lighting, sets and props. 

Starting soon.